Firearms training

People own firearms as a matter of Constitutional right.  While firearms ownership is a right, training on their use is a responsibility.  Our experienced, certified staff is here to help.  We conduct private and semi-private classes with the student of self-defense in mind.  To this end, we have a particular concentration on novice shooters and in the carrying of a concealed defensive handgun in our courses.  


Female Shooters

People own firearms for a variety of reasons.  Self-defense is one of them.  According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, it is the single largest determining factor for female shooters to buy and train with a firearm.  Our firearms training staff consists of former federal law enforcement firearms instructors.  Each has over 15 years as such, training male and female federal agents on how to carry, shoot and maintain firearms as tools of their trade.  The Horus Group has designed a course specifically targeted at the requirements of the new female shooter, in order to address this growing need.


Train with the Best

Beyond being retired federal special agents, each of  our instructors is also a military veteran.  Each has served as a federal law enforcement firearms instructor for more than 15 years.  Their varied experience also includes some with full-time instructional service at the Academy, SWAT experience, infantry combat service and sniper service.  Each knows, from long personal experience, just what is involved in carrying a firearm concealed daily.  Combined with military and combat experience, as well as unimpeachable instructional credentials, our instructors bring unparalleled ability to each of our classes.  When it comes to the topic of using a firearm in self-defense, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek out the best training you possibly can.  

The Horus Group will provide you that training.

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