Founded by a retired FBI Special Agent, The Horus Group is staffed by former federal law enforcement professionals.  As a result, we bring an unparalleled level of experience and professionalism to our clients.


Every member of our staff has at least 20 years of federal law enforcement service, as well as being a military veteran.  This results in a rare and valuable collection of training, skills, experience and mission focus.  It is a combination designed to bring outstanding results.


The Horus Group prides itself not only on offering top tier services to our clients, but also in doing so with the utmost discretion.  Our clients include those who have the need and the desire to avail themselves of our services, but to do so without broadcasting the fact.  Your relationship with The Horus Group is confidential.  Your patronage is valuable to us.  Our clients are treated with the utmost in professional respect and discretion.  Always.