And so it begins.

Blogging. A word that did not exist when I was a kid and now, it seems, I am doing just that.

Sigh. A blogger.

I’m conflicted about this. The idea of being so simply defined grates. I am, like anyone else, so much more than the stereotype conveys. A father. A husband. A veteran. A retired Fed. An author, a writer, an academic (of a sort). And a bunch of other stuff, some good, some less so.

When one writes anything for public consumption, it is a risky endeavor. Will anyone read it? Who knows. If anyone does read it, will they care? Happily, I am at a point in both life and career that allows me not to worry if others are annoyed by what I say. Retirement from federal service gives me my freedom of speech back and I plan to make full use of it. Beyond that, I hope this will be read and I hope some will care. It is my fondest hope to put out helpful information, things that some will find informative and that I can contribute to a wider conversation.

This was a struggle for me when I first began to write for publication, the idea that I had something of value to say. I’m still not completely convinced I do, but I am sufficiently certain to continue to speak. Let the chips fall.

The topics to be found herein will be, with luck, diverse, but will generally focus on areas I find interesting (it’s my thing after all) and occasionally on things I have some level of expertise with. I invite any who stick around to comment as they see fit.

So, more later, at what can most charitably be described as “on occasion”. I hope you will find it worth your time.